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Cakes for Special Occasions

More Frequently Asked Questions

​Q.  Do I have to choose from a list or can you make a specific design?

A.  I can make almost any design that you want.  I have a library of wedding, birthday and novelty cakes but I can incorporate any special occasion theme / colours you wish.

​​Q.  Can you provide a wedding cake stand and ceremonial knife?

A.  Yes I can, for a small hire charge.  (£10.00 for the stand, £5.00 for the knife + refundable deposits)

Q.  What size cake should I order?

A.  Advice will be given at the consultation.

Q.  Do I need a specialist to set up my wedding cake?

A.  It depends on the style of cake.  A stacked cake wouldn't need setting up, but a cake involving pillars or supports will - I would provide that service if I delivered your cake.

Q.  Do I have to pay a deposit?

A.  Yes.  See 'Terms and Conditions' for full details.

Q. What information do you need to know from me?

A.  Everything!.  From the date and venue of your celebration to your budget and style or theme.  The best way for me to get this plus all the other information I require is to meet you so that I can create a beautiful cake for your special day.